Our mission is to provide superior choral education and performance opportunities to the diverse community of children residing in Westchester County. Your support is essential to our success.

Sponsors enable Westchester Children's Chorus to provide scholarship to students unable to afford our programs, who musically qualify for our ensembles.  

Choose to become a sponsor and WCChorus will include your name or business name in our seasonal concert program.

Mezzo-Piano Sponsorship

$250 Sponsor 1 chorister for a semester

Mezzo-Forte Sponsorship

$500 Sponsor 1 chorister for 1 school year

Forte Sponsorship

$1,000 Sponsor 2 choristers for 1 school year



Our donors help Westchester Children's Chorus provide new music, performance apparel and collaborative experiences. Choose a donation level and WCChorus will recognize your name or your business name in our seasonal concert program.

Shop & Support

Program ADs


Lyrical Donation: $100

Melodic Donation: $250

Canorous Donation: $500

Harmonic Donation: $1,000+


Donation Usage

Donations may be used to provide scholarships, sheet music, octavos, performance wardrobe, and facility fees for Westchester Children's Chorus. In addition, donations will allow WCChorus to provide collaborative experiences with resident composers, professional ensembles and other music organizations.