Cantus is our beginning-intermediate ensemble, comprised of treble/unchanged voices.  Students ages 8-11 will experience beginning choral techniques and etiquette. Cantus members must be able to demonstrate a healthy use of head tone and will be asked to participate in a blend and balance exercise during auditions.  Throughout the year students will experience singing unison and two part music.  


Chorale is our advanced ensemble comprised of students ages 12-16.  Students participating in chorale must demonstrate advanced choral techniques including, sight reading skills, head/falsetto and chest voice sound production and the ability to hold their own part against two to three other voices.  Throughout the year students will experience singing two, three and four part music.

*For tuition/fee information please email wcchorus2015@gmail.com.  

directors note

Students are empowered and inspired to become young artists by communicating through song and growing in their own understanding of musicianship and artistry.  At the Westchester Children's Chorus, we provide a space for students to collaborate and explore their artistry through music and song.   
As a public school music teacher in Westchester, I have observed and collaborated with the talented music educators in our community.  I am inspired by what my colleagues are doing in their own school music programs and seek to ornament and complement the wonderful in-school music that is already occurring.  The Westchester community has a wealth of outstanding musical opportunities and ensembles and we want to add to these experiences.  The Westchester Children's Chorus provides a community-based opportunity for students to further develop their vocal skills, musicianship and artistry through a shared engagement in singing.  
Amanda Gundling, Artistic Director/Conductor